Designing unique collections in perfect line with the brand’s DNA and market expectations. Following up product development all the way to overseeing the first prototypes. Supporting the brand throughout the collection process.

Supervising of Collections

Driving the development of the collection across the season and ensuring a relevant, coherent and universal product.


Supplying major inspirations, themes, key silhouettes, must-have products, colour ranges, predicted prints and materials, details and finishings for the entire season.

Collection Coordination

Adjusting and supervising the pre-collection in order to ensure global consistency. Correcting and validating prototypes.

Collection Planning

Creation of a collection plan allowing for a spread of themes and modules according to the calendar and the rythm of implementation; establishing the colour flow of the season. And specifying the colour range, the materials, the emblematic products and silhouettes for each module.

Fact sheets

Creation of design sketches and fact sheets that can be used directly by manufacturers